But the sun was dark at the Black Sun Gate.

The reason we can see is that the statue of the ghost shines with silver gray light, but the dark sun doesn’t shine.
Sun Hao led a team of ghost statues, and finally shouted "!"according to the memory of the ghost crown
A white light door appeared in the middle of the square, which was about three feet long. After Fiona Fang appeared, it shrank rapidly.
Corleone didn’t dare to neglect his mouth and shouted "Come with me" and quickly drilled into the light door.
This time, Sun Hao and his men entered the light gate in a very clear order. Although the speed is fast, the way of entering is very particular
Corleone through the light door eyes can’t help but shrink slightly.
A very cruel breath instantly pressed Sun Haoshen almost as far as the eye can see at the same time, and the undead creatures who couldn’t say anything were like Qi Qi leng.
Then instantly react, a pair of eyes that were originally green were flushed with transient, bloodthirsty and violent, and countless monsters descended on Sun Haofang in a frantic running.
See the undead attack way Sun Hao long breath a sigh of relief in my heart.
Fortunately, these creatures are not so powerful that they don’t appear flying directly, otherwise it would be too difficult to get in the door.
Black sun gate can be opened once a month, and each time it enters the army, it does not exceed 1000.
After entering, there is no so-called buffer, and it directly appears in countless massive undead.
Come in. Only after the first wave of attacks can the monks keep their feet in the Red Moon Cave.
It is very difficult to support the situation with less troops!
Many times, the immortal race has to lose many elites repeatedly before it can gain a foothold.
Sun Hao hasn’t been in a hurry to get in front of him. When the waves are a little bit, it’s also because it’s hard to get in the Red Moon Cave every time, and it’s not so easy for the ancestors and stiff families to gain a foothold inside. It also takes a lot of time to kill the fourth floor.
Sun Hao came here this time, but he has a great grasp of a foothold.
After Sun Hao, he entered the Red Moon Cave, which was the Xiaoyu Feitian Team. Among Sun Hao’s younger brothers, Xiaoyu Feitian was a typical body-building and reached its peak with a body-building skill.
The effect of this achievement method is also reflected behind the cultivation of ghosts.
The ghost department led by Xiaoyu Feitian will be blessed by his body. It is difficult for ordinary attacks to have an effect on them.
Coupled with Sun Hao’s steel skin blessing effect, the ghost brought by Xiaoyu Feitian becomes the first defensive shell of Sun Hao’s troops.
Xiaoyu Feitian troops are not many, so it is difficult to form a wall.
This requires the cooperation of Miha team.
Chapter DiErSanQi Battle at the door
Miha is a golden retriever, and she also trained a group of special armored zombies, all of which are the types with thick skin and great strength.
Following Xiaoyu’s flying, Mikhail’s armored zombies topped Xiaoyu’s flying troops and formed a solid wall in front of the common Sun Hao team.
Well, those creatures who are red-eyed and immortal are all ground arms that can’t fly, otherwise it’s really two words whether Sun Hao can defend himself.
The undead on the opposite side are not ordinary zombies and skeletons, but half-dead creatures like necrophilia, that is, the type of creatures that can be summoned after being killed.
It’s a long-standing experience that a race will waste people and money if it wants to force its way through by relying on its own arms.
There are not many troops allowed to enter the Black Sun Gate. If these arms are not replenished, no matter how many elites are, they will be overwhelmed by the massive troops in the Red Moon Cave.
Several times, every time the nine protoss were opened in the Red Moon Cave, they were greatly weakened, but the result was nothing.
It was not until later that a bone shelf, that is, a bone ancestor, was specially created to bless the skeleton’s fighting ability.
After entering the cave of the Red Moon, the bone ancestor evokes a large number of skeleton soldiers by his own soul gathering technique and kills them step by step at the altar of the Red Moon.
I don’t know how many years have passed, but when his race failed, the bone ancestor fell into the cave of the Red Moon, and he took the undead crown on the head of his enemy skeleton army and landed in the realm of undead.
It was the first time that the crown of the undead appeared.
After that, the nine undead races in the undead domain all regarded soul gathering as the first secret art of their own race
If you don’t say that the death domain can’t gather souls, a monk is an unqualified immortal monk.
The red moon cave is said to be a land destroyed by battle, and the earth is a place where all kinds of laws are destroyed and disordered.
The biggest feature in it is that spells are difficult to work, especially weapons of mass destruction, which are difficult to display here.
Up to now, Sun Hao is vaguely aware that some white monks have cast various spells, that is, according to specific procedures and special means, the truth is used as a medium to motivate the law, and finally various spell effects have been formed.
I don’t know what kind of war it was that caused so many years ago that the unhealthy spells of the Red Moon Cave couldn’t be cast
Otherwise, Sun Hao should be able to knock down a large number of half-dead creatures with several big moves!
It’s possible, but it’s not necessarily possible.
Because the half-dead creatures in the red moon cave are also the law variation, what kind of changes have taken place in the half-dead creatures? That is, your wooden spell has no effect, but maybe your half-dead creature will soon dissolve like sucrose after a water spell.
Countless half-dead creatures have many types, which are quite different from those outside.
It’s more of a dark worm. When it stands up from the ground, it is as high as ten feet. Its head is the size of a bathtub, and its mouth has sharp teeth.
The eyes of the dark worm in the perennial dark red moon cave have degenerated, and two small red dots can be seen from a distance
There is also a more half-dead creature, the dark corpse.
The biggest feature of this kind of corpse worm is that it will spit out a stream of corpse gas to form a stream of corpse aerosol to attack its opponent.
After a word came in, a flood of half-dead creatures kept attacking.
Sun Hao’s team instantly drowned in the tide of massive undead
Strong armored zombies resist a thin layer of steel skin, and the outer layer is arranged into a semicircle with a diameter of less than 20 feet to support a defensive circle.
Then Sun Hao and Xia Chuan’s special ghosts mastered the long-range attack with long bows, and the ghosts emerged and arranged in a very neat formation. The defensive circle bowed and archered.
The ghost bow is finished by yin qi, and the arrow of yin qi is also finished by yin qi. If Sun Hao and Xia Chuan’s ghosts are full of yin qi, they will have no worries about arrows.
Swish swish arrows rain a * * to the armored zombies in front of a large number of half-dead creatures fell Yin qi arrows team in front of the fallen layers of half-dead creatures.
Almost all powerful and half-dead creatures can move
After the front partner blocks the road, they will pull back and throw their partner’s body behind them. Those creatures who are eager to push forward and attack half-dead will instantly tear their partner’s body to pieces.
Those half-dead creatures will be very strange even if they are not removed at any time. Every once in a while, they will melt into pure yin and drift away.
Perhaps the most troublesome thing in the Red Moon Cave is this strange circular law, in which the dark and half-dead creatures completely violate the law of birth in the vast territory of all ethnic groups.
The nine protoss in the Undead domain unanimously agreed that the total number of half-dead creatures in the Red Moon Cave will eventually reach a roughly balanced point.
Unless you go in, the monks can gather their souls and biovate their own team, otherwise the half-dead creatures will return to the source of Yin qi after being killed, and soon these half-dead creatures will be born in other places according to their generation rules.
In particular, a brood of egg-laying half-dead creatures is growing at a rapid rate, and it won’t be long before the monk may have killed that half-dead creature and it may become an adult.