This time Su Mo also specially let Duan Tianliang ride Ying Zhao and took out a Xuanjie magic weapon from the bag and gave it to him.

Duan Tianliang immediately eyebrow eye smile swept away the haze in my heart.
"Boss, don’t say it’s Longyuan City. Even if there is a sea of flames ahead, my Duan Tianliang will accompany you!"
Duan Tianliang clap breast very excited.
Two people and two beasts left for Longyuan City without staying in the wild.
Rhubarb carries Su Mo to lead the way.
About a few days later, Su Mo took a long look at the snow ridge in four ways.
In the past ten years, there has been no change in the snow ridge, and some spiritual farming scenes can still be seen in the distance, and some guards patrol.
Su Mo did not delay riding rhubarb to bypass the snowy ridge and move on.
Two people and two animals are running day and night, but they stop occasionally to have a rest. I really didn’t encounter any trouble all the way.
Some thieves and robbers have quietly retreated when they see the aggressive Xuanyuan five-fold Ying Zhao.
This day Su Mo four people came to a mountain near.
Not far ahead, the mountains are rolling and lush, like a green ocean as far as the eye can see.
"This is a hundred thousand mountains."
Over the years, rhubarb has gradually become familiar with human language, saying, "It takes almost ten days to cross this hundred thousand mountains."
"Many bandits like to ambush and kill those who come and go to fix the truth in this hundred thousand mountains."
Duan Tianliang said, "I heard that there are many fierce beasts and creatures here!"
Dahuangdao: "There are indeed many, but many years ago, the owner of the Blood Yanggu Valley led the army of the Blood Yanggu Valley to slay many fierce beasts and create a way out!"
"There is no place where fierce beasts and creatures dare to set foot."
Su Mo nodded and patted the rhubarb dog’s head and said, "Let’s go."
After searching for a while near Dahuang, I finally found a mark and got in from there. Seven Catharine suddenly opened in front.
A bloody continent leads to the depths of the mountains, and the feet are covered with many corpses. I don’t know how many fierce beasts and creatures fell in World War I.
The ancient trees on both sides of the bloody road stand in darkness.
Su Mo four people this bloody road all the way forward.
After walking for about a day, Su Mo felt something in his heart, and his legs tightened and he kicked the rhubarb belly.
Rhubarb will stop at once!
Over the years, Ying Zhao followed Su Mo and realized what to stop and spread his knowledge. He probed around and was alert.
Su Mo squinted slightly at the jungle on both sides of the road ahead and said nothing.
It wasn’t long before there was a rustle in the dense forest ahead.
Then the figure shook.
In an instant, at least hundreds of people emerged from the jungle on both sides of the road, looking at Su Mo’s four people looking pale.
Three figures in front of our way out slowly came out of the dark forest riding ferocious fierce beasts.
That fierce beast grows like a tiger, with huge paws and sharp claws, but it is quiet to step on the ground!
These three people, two men and one woman, are in the middle. They are a short-haired man with a beard and a big axe in their hands. They are naked and their muscles are bulging like rocks. They look full of strength!
The men and women next to the short-haired man look young.
Even so, this man and a woman are all six-fold in Xuanyuan!
Hundreds of figures in the Woods are mostly fourth-order Xuanxian and fifth-order Xuanxian!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty-four Order prisoners
This way is not small!
Duan Tianliang, rhubarb and Ying Zhao are all secretly frightened.
There is not a seventh-order Xuanxian in the whole snow ridge, and the short-haired man across the street is not only the strength of his monks around the seventh-order Xuanxian, but also not weak!
"A fifth-order Xuanxian and a third-order Xuanxian dare to enter 100,000 mountains?"
The speaker is a young man with short hair and a sixth-order Xuan Xian on the left.
The young man was dressed in a black suit with a sword hanging from his waist and a knife-shaped eyebrow. His sharp-edged tone showed a trace of contempt.
"What are you people! Where is it from! "
Young women with short hair frown slightly on the right hand side of the big fellow.