"Is this the third layer of quicksand hell?" Looking around, the quicksand keeps spinning and flowing everywhere, forming huge bunkers, like monsters devouring the dead in quicksand.

And there are several sharp spikes hidden at the end of these quicksands. Once the dead touch the spikes, they will be instantly penetrated into the body, intestines and rotten noodles.
In addition, the flowing quicksand gravity washes away those souls who have been penetrated, making them miserable. No matter how they struggle, they can get rid of the spikes, and they can wash their bodies from the spikes with quicksand, leaving a pair of bones to dry gradually.
After the bones are completely turned into sand, the bodies of the dead will be reassembled and brought back to the top of the quicksand by the jailers, and the same painful process will be endured again, and it will stop forever until the dead arrive when they suffer.
This layer of punished monks’ spiritual cultivation has generally turned into an elixir stage, and occasionally several broken-wall stages have been seen, and the jailers have upgraded to a higher level, many of which have reached the peak of being away from God. This layer of wardens has the initial stage of spiritual cultivation!
"Ha hong, you were tortured here? I haven’t seen anyone who was similar to you at that time! " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and asked
"No old slave is a layer!" Hong respectfully replied, "The division in this hell world is very clear. At the beginning of the first three layers, the monk had a total warden. According to the knowledge of the old slaves, he should be a master of the realm named Hegel, who was very cruel."
"In the third floor, the monks are adults and conforming to the boundary. Although there are not many monks at this stage, it is more difficult! In the last three floors, there are one to three rounds of realm masters. It is said that some masters of the sacred land stage are also imprisoned there! "
"But the more you go, the less the number of dead people is, but the strength of the jailer is getting stronger and stronger. But these are just what the old slave heard, just as the old slave can’t know!"
"oh? Is the three layers a stage? " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and knocked out the warden on this floor again and entered the third floor.
Who knows Xiao Fan just walked out of the door and saw a burly man dressed in a turquoise cloak behind him, wearing a ghost head armor and holding a nine-toothed broadsword, and a group of jailers seemed to be waiting for him at the door.
"oh? Welcome to the aisle? Not so grand, right? " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and laughed
"Are you the living monk who invaded my hell?" The first ghost-repairing urn temperament asked that the sound shook around like thunder rolling in the sky.
The mind-dividing state was released and shrouded in Xiao Fan’s surroundings, and it was twisted with madness. This shows that the mind-dividing state master has a unique means of twisting!
"yo! It’s really well-informed. I guess those idiot wardens on the first floor informed you? " Xiao Fan waved his hand lightly to block the oncoming coercion.
"Master, be careful. This guy just said Hegel, the chief warden of the first three floors!" Hong hurriedly nervous wake way
"Don’t worry, I don’t even call out this kind of stuff!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and smiled. The previous step also released the coercion and enveloped all the jailers.
Suddenly, except Hegel, the jailers’ expressions were painful one after another. For them, Xiao Fanwei was slightly better than Hegel, the chief warden. This is their root law!
"hmm? There are indeed two! " Hegel’s face changed and he faintly felt the taste of hard work. He shook his broadsword in his hand and rebuked him, "I don’t care who you are and what you are doing in hell. It’s hard for you to die like this here so that I can put your soul into the ninth hell!"
Chapter 35 is lacking.
"Ah, how is this a set of rhetoric? Can’t you get something fresh to listen to? " Xiao Fannai scratched his ear and shook his neck. "Hurry up and hurry up!"
"You … you’re a rampant thief!" Hegel rage than waving a huge nine-tooth broadsword toward Xiao Fan severely split.
This split is mixed with the force that cuts through the heavens and the earth, and it shakes like all changes in the heavens and the earth are gone. With this split, Xiao Fan’s eyes are crazy and magnified ten million times as if the whole day had become this giant knife method to avoid it!
"Well not the kui is a mind state superior force blow really get! This broadsword is probably the magic weapon of the holy peak, otherwise it will play such a powerful attack! " Xiao Fan carried his hands and face with fear and waved his hair robe with violent coercion. "It’s a pity that even the black and white soul-stepping realm has a magic weapon, and your identity realm is in charge of three levels of hell, but it’s so shabby that you didn’t even mix a magic weapon!"
Said Xiao Fan raised my hand and stretched out his palm to grow a thorny thorn rapidly.
"Thorn way …"
After saying his word, the thorns suddenly grew crazy and blinked, and the whole arm was wrapped in a thorny armguard.
"Coloured glaze way …"
Followed by those spikes, the luster suddenly flashed, and all of them became harder than the glass, and the sword fell together.
"Bang!" A muffled sound
The whole third layer of hell suddenly flashed.
Several spikes burst out of the broadsword, but it was shocked by a bomb. Hegel snorted, his arms trembled violently, and his feet even quit several steps, followed by a jailer who hit the mouth and sprayed blood and flew sideways.
Although the unlucky guy won’t die, it is estimated that he will lie down for a few years.
"oh! I didn’t mean to! " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows and feet and took two steps back. His wrist was a little numb.
After all, the other party is not a three-legged cat, but also a real master of the realm, which is one head higher than his own.
"It’s not cost-effective not to bring this wooden doppelganger if I knew it early!" Xiao Fan couldn’t help skimming the mouth muttered "wood busy hell this place is a disadvantage! It’s still a fire avatar or a earth avatar that is more suitable for playing chess here! "
Indeed, as Xiao Fan said, the wooden avatar is good at the magical power of wood attributes and various wooden attributes. The wooden master must rely on the vigorous vitality of nature to play to the extreme.
However, the hell is full of dead air, where is there any anger?
Xiao Fan means that you can’t even play half of it here. It’s a loss to make use of the wood property means that you can extract your own anger to make use of it.
Just Hegel a collision let Xiao Fan also feel headache.
"Good Wynaut is tricky!" Hegel bit Kouga and raised his hand with a wave of his hand and said, "The children will be surrounded. Don’t let them run away. Today, I will show you a means that the chief warden has never shown!"
"Haha, the boss is going to be serious!"
"It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!"
All the jailers were so excited that they started to surround Xiao Fan.
"Sorry, I may not be in the mood to watch your performance!" Xiao Fan shook his head and suddenly a green light in his eyes jumped up and raised my hand, which was a palm toward Hegel.
Hegel’s face suddenly changed when this palm seemed to be unusual and strange.
A enchanting bright red flower, Hegel’s chest slowly blooms, which is particularly touching.
"Flower burial road!"
"Bang!" The flower suddenly burst and blew Hegel back again and again, and his chest was bloody.
"Everything is a wooden blade!" Xiao Fan followed by catching up with his body to raise my hand. The green light flashing of the primitive simplicity wooden flying sword appeared in front of him and gave Hegel a hard split!