But this sentence seems to have explained why Zhao Li agreed to the principal’s request and accepted the ten beautiful girls.

This is not a time to be jealous, but a serious affair. Zhao Li’s action and military status. Christine’s face immediately smiled when she heard Zhao Li’s question, and Li Mengdie’s face over there was no longer so cold
"What are you going to do with us pool?" Christine went directly to Zhao Li, behind whom Zhao Li gently massaged, and Li Mengdie also sat not far from Zhao Li.
"Since it’s Master Zhao, of course, there must be a master rack." Zhao Li didn’t live up to the good pleasure that the headmaster gave him so many people. "My secret place was changed to these beautiful women, so they were ostentatious and ostentatious. You are responsible for arranging these and it is best to attract many people’s attention." Zhao Li still didn’t open his eyes clearly and issued instructions. "In addition, there is no need to hide anything, especially for me."
"yes, sir!" Christine’s charming voice made Zhao Lixin’s nickname full of temptation. Even Christine’s breath could be felt in Zhao Li’s ear. "I promise to make you the most enviable officer in the whole army."
"Go and arrange it!" Zhao Li stretched out his hand and patted Christine on her shoulder. Now it’s getting more and more difficult to resist Christine’s attraction or because she hasn’t completely absorbed the principal’s true qi and the meridians are not smooth.
"Butterfly doesn’t mind, don’t be bored, tell me." When Christine’s heart is away from Zhao Licai, she stretched out her hand and pulled Li Mengdie not far away into her arms and sat down.
"hmm!" Li Mengdie again the curled-up Zhao Lihuai middle-aged woman gently well one.
"I have become a thorn in many people’s side, and we must unite to get through it." Zhao Li seems to have a little warning, but his tone is still very gentle. "There are some things that must be told to me or I will make a wrong judgment."
"I am white!" Li Mengdie is not a stupid person. She was a little jealous and didn’t want Zhao Li to know her indecent nickname. Now, of course, Bai Zhaoli’s risk has become a lot of potential enemies when Zhao Li brought down a military commander. Even people at the level of military commander can find evidence, so many guilty people will be nervous and can’t sleep.
The insider may know that Zhao Li was robbed because he was the warden, but the prison body is the top secret. How many people can know that Zhao Like can easily find the evidence of the commander of the military region, so naturally he can find the evidence of any person, and how many people can guarantee that his body is absolutely clean?
Zhao Li has unconsciously become a public enemy in the army, and it is not a good thing to bear such a reputation. As the principal said, there is a minor flaw that can ease the nerves of many people.
Zhao Licai, who appeased his "harem", had the opportunity to take out the information given by the principal and turn it over one by one. Zhao Li was very relieved to know that the crisis situation would never be a big problem with their arrangements.
Very little information seems to be true. As the headmaster said, when a student can be fully integrated into the active army, the archives department will be transferred to the past. Zhao Li saw that their student status file is very simple. Apart from the most basic name and other information, when did he study and what course results were left? For example, where was the final assignment?
Zhao Li rummaged through these materials and tried to find his acquaintances from the photos, but to Zhao Li’s disappointment, the photos in these materials were taken when these students were very young, and few people really integrated into the army. It has been ten years since Zhao Li found a familiar face from the photos.
However, Zhao Li has an investigation direction, and the gifted school has studied the collapse of Yunjin students. In addition to the Federal Department, there are also more than a dozen rebels. It must be that one of these people may recognize it if he meets the horse in person. The question is, will the rebels allow him to conduct such an investigation?
Frowning and considering the solution, Zhao Li saw Christine come in with a big smile, and suddenly her eyes lit up. The rebels are doing business with James and others and looking for them to verify. It shouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, attacking a military prison by the enemy is not a way to accept things less than robbing a prison by one of their own, which is more acceptable to Zhao Li.
"Little wife, James asked him to help connect with someone over there." Zhao Lida commanded Christine across the street to contact him with charm.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Rebel leaders
Christine contacted Zhao Li but kept thinking that if the rebels really sent people to do it, it was really hard to calculate the account. After all, it was still hostile at that time, let alone armed robbery or armed entry into the federal capital to arrest the federal speaker. It was not a problem. You can’t ask the enemy to punish them, can you?
It seems that the second force has also found the third force, and those people are also the most important ones. Zhao Li, the commander of the arrested military region and his population, learned that it was not them who broke the final defense system, and the rebels are unlikely to have such ability. If they could break the final defense system, they would have defeated the Federation so early instead of living in peace now, then there would be the third force left.
Zhao Li doesn’t doubt that the commander of the military region lied to the point where even the armed robbery has been recognized, and then admitting that breaking the final defense system will not bring him more charges. There is no need to lie about this problem, so the third force is the most likely and the deepest hidden.
"They happen to have someone on the edge of the planet," Christine reported back. "I heard that you wanted to meet and directly agreed to your request. Shall we leave now?"
"The horse turned to the edge planet!" Zhao Li’s heart seems to be very urgent at the moment without wanting to verify it.
Song is away from the edge of the planet where they stay now. Seeing Zhao Li suddenly bring them new identity information and 20, the trained elite can’t help but be a little surprised.
"The outstanding graduates of genius schools are all brothers who haven’t been out for a long time. Please give me more advice!" Zhao Li handed people over to the Song Dynasty and said the characteristics by the way.
"How did you get on with the genius school?" Song distance waved naturally someone took those people in, but Song distance himself pulled out a cigarette and smoked two times against the wall next to Zhao Li.
"It’s not too bad, but it’s always bad to refuse to deliver the door." Zhao Li thought for a while and answered seriously
"I know how to do it." Song Li asked Zhao Li. He also wanted to know Zhao Li’s attitude. Knowing Zhao Li’s position, he naturally said how to train those new people. But after that, he changed his face. "Those beautiful women are very good. Why don’t you give them to us for training?" Face that kind of man tacit smile let Zhao Li a retreat.
"I don’t want to!" Zhao Li took two steps back to live in the body. "That’s my secret person. It’s not good to let the wind out after the other."
"Not good?" Song distance has already recovered that calm expression. "I feel very good. If we didn’t help you announce it, how could someone send you so many girls to make people look greedy?"
"Is old Kang asking you to do this?" Zhao Li looked at the song from his performance has been very said the problem, but the song from a war staff idea can’t think of this level is definitely someone behind.
"The old man said that you should learn not to always put yourself on the cusp." Song Li played around and answered a few words, but his words were very reasonable. "That’s good. Those girls are really good. It is estimated that you will be jealous every day. Hahaha!" Say that finish haha laughed away.
"They asked you to meet at the Duke Hotel. When will you go there?" Christine has arranged for those school sisters to come and report to Zhao Li.
"I’m going to Adie to go with me now." Zhao Li looked at the serious girls and told Christine, "Tell them not to be so detained after work. It’s best to relax. You know what I mean, all the men here must drool when they see it. If their skills are not enough, take them to Sister Ban and show them enough money. Maybe they can make some breakthroughs like you."
"That’s a good idea." Christine’s eyes lit up and she remembered the experience deeply. "Even I want to see what a lot of huge bills look like again."
The Duke Hotel is now more prosperous than Zhao Li’s first visit. People come and go, and business seems to be better than once. Zhao Li has not seen the development of marginal planets this year, but judging from the situation all the way, Kang Hongyuan is really good at economic development.
Zhao Li is still dressed in casual clothes and a big sunglasses. Li Mengdie is also dressed in this way. It is not special here. Many famous people will hide their identities here and play as they like, and people around them are not surprised by this.
It is obvious that after Zhao Li cleaned up the scorpion people, those stubborn points also converged a lot. In addition, after more than two years, these guys have brought them almost no less huge profits than drug trafficking. Those guys have fully understood why Zhao Li will be so strict. This will no longer stop Zhao Li from continuing to supervise them. They spontaneously set up a supervision Committee, and anyone who dares to behave in such a way will be hit by others.
This situation, combined with the fact that all the land forces work together, and the original urban management guards work on the edge planet, has really become a free and unrestrained but safe place. This place, which originally had no resources and minerals, is now the most beautiful and upscale place for urban development and construction.
Those experiences and lessons before urban construction have been neglected by those people, and the latest design concepts and construction techniques have been smashed into urban construction. It is strange that the cities built can be poor.
Zhao Li is very satisfied with all this. Despite some harsh measures, the living standard of the residents of the entire marginal planet has almost directly entered heaven from hell, which can make more ordinary people smile, even if Zhao Li is cruel.
It’s unlucky to make an appointment with the rebels on the thirteenth floor, but the other party seems to have arranged it like this and has booked a room in advance. Zhao Li is also very arrogant. Zhao Li is at home and has never been afraid of anyone.
At the door of the ladder door, there are two straight bodyguards. At first glance, their posture is an elite warrior who has been through the battlefield. Even if it is simple, there is a murderous look. Seeing the ladder door suddenly hitting two people and directly stopping Zhao Li’s way, "I’m sorry, this place has been taken back by a private bag!"
"I’m here for the appointment!" Zhao Li stretched out his hand and took off his big sunglasses. The young face immediately appeared in front of two people.
Looking at Zhao Li’s face, two bodyguards from a military background seemed to react very excitedly. Although they stood still, their bodies seemed to burst into a fierce murderous look and rushed at Zhao Li.
The hostility between these two guys is too obvious. Li Mengdie didn’t say anything directly and quickly. Before Zhao Li, Zhao Li’s marginal planet wiped out thousands of rebel soldiers. It’s strange that these guys don’t produce hostility when they see Zhao Li’s face.
"Not so nervous" Zhao Li stretched out his hand and pulled Li Mengdie behind him and looked at the two bodyguards and smiled gently. "Don’t let me think you can’t afford to lose!" Say that finish and move forward.
Hearing Zhao Li’s words, the two bodyguards seemed to have more light in their eyes and clenched their fists, but when Zhao Li was about to touch their bodies, they quickly separated and naturally made a move.
There seems to be a strange atmosphere in the corridor, but the more you go forward, the more you can feel the pressure, as if there is a super killer casting murderous look at Zhao Li and Li Mengdie.
There are two bodyguards in the whole corridor, but there are many people in the surrounding rooms. Zhao Li and Li Mengdie can find them from the thick murderous look when they pass by.
Zhao Li was more surprised than anyone who actually moved so many senior bodyguards this time. Although they didn’t start work, they can know that these bodyguards have definitely passed the level, and there may be such a big protection force for level 9 masters. Who are they protecting?