Xiao Pang moved his arms and legs around Su Mo’s neck and waist like a claw fish.

In this way, Su Mo is still with a person, but he is good at it.
The crane’s initial attack was not fierce, but it seemed that the intention was not to hurt people but to stop Sumo Mountain.
After repeated attacks, the crane was angered. If Su Mo dodged that attack, it was unlikely that the crane would scratch his head with one claw!
In the face of an angry spirit demon Su Mo in the early days of preconditions, he didn’t dare to ask for help, which made Xiao Pang plan to play with his hands behind him.
in all fairness
Practice to the Secret Book of the Twelve Lich Kings in the Wild Chapter 3 Sumo is not a demon opponent, even if this crane is in the early days of building a foundation.
But Sumo didn’t want cranes to fight, but to avoid cranes to intercept the top of the mountain, which made it much easier.
Once again, the crane swooped down, and Su Mo’s eyes were bright, and his feet and feet were strong, and the mountain wall was continuously steep and smooth, and he evaded the crane’s attack, and all his strength rushed to flee.
Cut! Cut! Cut!
Sumo’s fingers and toes dig into the rock, and the climbing speed of the mountain peak is not weaker than that of the ground!
When the crane saw this scene, it was furious and rose at a very fast speed, like a sharp arrow quickly coming behind Sumo, and its claws and beaks kept attacking.
The slender beak is sharper than a flying sword. Every time you poke Sumo, a sharp wind will sound, which is frightening.
If you are stabbed by this sharp beak, you will have one more blood hole.
Xiao Pang closed his eyes and trembled with fear.
Su Mo kept dodging, his bones and muscles were screaming, his body was stretching or contracting, his flesh and blood were full, his muscles were shaking, and his physical strength was almost at its limit.
With the help of Lingjue Sumo, he evaded the crane attack several times and continued to climb.
The crane cries more and more quickly with a hint of murder!
The top of the mountain is getting closer and closer.
The crane offensive is becoming more and more fierce!
At the top of the mountain, two young Taoist children looked at this scene as if they were there, and they were nervous and couldn’t help but feel nervous.
One man and one crane wrestle with steep peaks. Although one side seems to be able to fight back, it is extremely fierce and dangerous.
If the blue shirt is born a little slower, it may be buried in the claws of the crane!
Wenxuan and Xuanyi also looked dignified and stared at this scene, ready to save lives at any time.
"I can’t believe that this life has spared no effort to climb to the top of the mountain after the small crane offensive." Xuanyi tone with a hint of emotion.
Wenxuan sink a way: "If I’m not mistaken, this broadsword and back bow are made of heaven and earth spirits. Although they are pseudo-spirits, these two pseudo-spirits add up to almost two thousand pounds!"
The implication of Wenxuan’s words is obvious. If Su Mo removes the cold moon knife and the blood crystal bow, he will be more agile and faster. I’m afraid he has already reached the top of the mountain!
Wenxuan and Xuanyi glances at each other.
There was a tacit understanding between the two people, and an idea flashed through their minds at the same time. "This life is … a little interesting."
Chapter 60 Mountaineering Top
"How did this body practice? This flexibility, coordination and extensibility is far from even a spirit beast. "