Baoqi’s face is full of joy.

"Baoqi, I’m going abroad." Yao Wang suddenly said and smiled. "Maybe I can’t attend your wedding."
Going abroad? Wedding?
Looking up, Baoqi was a little surprised. "Do you want to change jobs?"
You know, soldiers can’t study abroad. If Yao Wang wants to go abroad unless he changes jobs, isn’t it his wish to be a special soldier and a special sniper? She will never forget how excited Yao Wangda said that she must become an excellent special forces sniper in the future with a slingshot at the top of the mountain.
"No, I’m a public school." Seeing that she was surprised, Yao Wang smiled and added "M-country West Point Military Academy is a public school for further study."
Bao Qi suddenly realized that his face lit up and he raised his voice. "Not bad, congratulations."
I really want to congratulate the troops on sending overseas students to famous foreign universities for further study. How many soldiers can’t ask for a good thing? Besides, with such a learning background, when he returns to China from West Point Military Academy, his future development will be far from the same. Plus, he will be the chief of staff’s father …
I sipped my mouth and knocked on his bowl with chopsticks happily. "Come on, you can’t eat sad jelly when you leave the country. Besides, you can’t be sad if you want to be sad. The future is bright … cattle!"
Section 26
Yao Wang smiled "I wish"
Bow your head with chopsticks, Yao Wang stirs up a sad jelly, and your eyes are a little wet.
From now on, he is not sad, but sad
The music outside the shop drifted in at the right time, and I don’t know which lyrics or melody entered my ears, eating sad jelly, and Yao looked down at the tears in the corner of my eyes.
His vision blurred. He quickly wiped it with a tissue and smiled very pregnant.
"This jelly is really spicy!"
Baoqi looked at him. "Isn’t it spicy?"
"Mmm, very spicy!"
Smiling, I answered Yao Wang’s forehead and looked at her with a smile. "No, I have to have another bowl today."
Took a breath and smiled.
Now there is a smile left, and she suddenly pushed the bowl and lay down on the table, her head buried in her arms and sobbed uncontrollably.
Yao Wang raised his hand and looked at her head for two seconds. His palm rested on her shoulder.
"Baoqi, don’t cry. It’s not goodbye. My generation is your good friend."
A good friend is the last word he wants to admit, but it is also the only word he can firmly grasp.
In the prison of love, he was sentenced to life imprisonment from the first time he saw her, and he had long lost his ability to redeem himself. He was stronger than Lengxiao and loved her more than Lengxiao, but he never stopped loving her for a second.
Bao Qi looked up with tears in her eyes and took Yao Wang’s hand.
"When Yao Meiren arrives at West Point, remember to report her safety often and pay attention to her health."
Yao Wang paused, held her hand backhand and smiled brilliantly.
Three days later, Yao Wangfei left Baoqi and didn’t go to see him off.
Another night has come.
When Lengxiao came in, Bao Qi was lazily leaning against the bed.
Touching her forehead, he asked, "What’s wrong?"
Gouge him out. Baoqi tried to ask him why he didn’t have the wedding impulse and shook his head vigorously. "Nothing may be affected by the wind."
"Do you want to find Zhou Yi to come and have a look?"
"It won’t take much to have a rest. Maybe I’m too tired recently."
Avoid his concentrated eyes, eyes flashing goodbye.
In a blink of an eye, June has passed, and his wedding dress has long been retrieved, but the man who said he would give her a grand wedding didn’t say anything at all
"Why don’t you look at me?"
Yu Guang glanced at the man’s cold face and his eyes wandered "No!"
Sit on the bed. Cold owl took her slender waist and kissed her on the forehead. "Tell me if you have something on your mind, huh?"
"Hey, why are you so wordy? I said it’s okay."
Chicks talk hard, but their hearts are uncomfortable, but they are getting worse.
To be honest, a woman of her age has a hard time with herself for this little thing, but others despise her, and she feels childish but can’t suppress her unhappy mood.
"Small temper is coming again!"
"Who made axis? Forget it. I’m too lazy to tell you that you are a man who can’t communicate with human language. "She knows that she is more energetic, but she seems to want to poke him before menopause.
Leng Xiao didn’t get angry, but hooked his lips and smiled with his arms at her side. He looked at his little wife with a twinkle in his eyes and told her with a relaxed smile, "Baoqi is celebrating that the July 1 ST army will hold a small-scale military confrontation on Scorpio Island this year, and Saite invites you to observe it."
"Don’t go to your army to engage in military confrontation. What am I going to do?" Bao Qi was angry and pushed him to turn his back and sleep.
"Bao Qi-"Leng Xiao turned her back to her body in a good temper and spoiled her nose. "If you don’t go, you will regret it once in a hundred years."
A few words that come once in a hundred years are still attractive to Baoqi.
It’s been a long time since she switched jobs, and she hasn’t felt the passion and blood of an army. She looked relaxed and cold, and her heart softened, but her bones were still hard.
She refused to "sleep" with her head swinging.
"Little girl, you are better than my son!"
"Who is it? Am I a woman? I have something I can’t get along with on July 1st. "
Leng Xiao’s eyes passed over her face, and her black eyes flowed through the deep light. "I pushed this competition off for you, which is very meaningful. You must participate."
"It is necessary? !”
The child muttered that he was overbearing and pure, and his heart was exulting.
Because he was overbearing, she followed the steps. She didn’t go voluntarily, but she had no choice but to watch the excitement.
Section 27
It will be sunny in Wan Li on June 30th.
Bao Qi arrived in Guinness with three children and a dog following Lengxiao.
The family lived in their gun house, enjoying the summer breeze on the beach, and a man pushing a beautiful baby in a stroller with a beautiful baby Aibo. The children were talking back and forth in circles, and it rained a little, wearing a beautiful lace princess dress and looking like a doll.
This warm picture coincided with her fantasy when she first arrived in Guinness several years ago.
Sunshine, beach, breeze, warmth …
Two people, one person and one child … It was her dream of being ten years old.