They walked and watched in a modern art gallery.

"Go ahead. What do you want to ask?"
"The elder sister said you had a boyfriend."
Chen Bo asked the question in his heart for a long time. The original Yahoo snare was the other half, but the result was obviously a fly-like suitor.
"Did you hear me admit it? My ex-cousin tried to introduce me to her boyfriend, but I refused, so she took it for granted. Why? Jealous! "Xin blinked and looked at him with a smile." I wondered when you would ask. It seems that you still care about me. "
Snapping on tiptoe, he gently printed a gentle lip print on his face, "Don’t be jealous."
Although she is petite, she treats tall Chen Bo like a child. The age difference between them is three years, which just sets off the sentence "Female junior holds golden bricks". It’s true that older sisters will hurt people. Of course, first of all, she must be in love with you.
Chapter 49 Meet the imagination
Xin’s initiative is not only to show two people’s feelings, but also to show their private lives. Compared with Gao Yuanyuan, Chen Bo is bolder and more relaxed. He is strong and healthy, and he does not show weakness to meet difficulties!
After a Wushan * *, Chen Bo, a slender white finger, casually drew a circle with a charming way
"After meeting you, I satisfied all my imagination of men."
Chen Bo didn’t answer, because the little flame was ignited by her soft fingers, and then turned over to the stable. The rhythm of "squeaking" didn’t stop for a long time.
The next day, Chen Bo appeared in the office to listen to Liu Qinggong’s report. Today, the situation of Xinghe Entertainment Group was sorted out.
"Xinghe Music has a fierce momentum, and several singers’ records are selling well, all reaching the million-level level. Zhou Jielun’s album" Elite, this group is determined to forge ahead "is very suitable for their current production setting.
Second, Chen Bo needs hands-on resources to help them carry out branding promotion, and it will be two years before these cars reach the due date. If it is really counted, he will definitely suffer and BMW will make a big profit.
Sanxin endorsed the Z4 coupe, which not only has cars, but also has millions of endorsements. The business world is more beautiful than her. She is more capable than her. She is more fashionable than her, more capable than her, and less young than her. Moreover, men are crowded together. It is rare to see a beautiful woman endorsing a sports car with streamlined shape and dynamic characteristics.
This merger is beneficial to both sides. On the surface, BMW has bought dozens of cars worth tens of millions, but the actual income is far more than the value of these cars. Tengxun covers young groups, and FO live is a network promotion for white-collar elite ants.
How many eyeballs can you earn by just having an implant in Xinghe Entertainment TV drama? This is obvious.
After sending Liu Qing to arrange a gift, Chen Bo strolled to the Xinghe Film and Television Center next to him. He never thought that he bumped into an acquaintance at the door. He really accidentally bumped into an acquaintance while walking. He thought that he was relying on biological energy to explore the roots and didn’t notice anyone at the door.
"Dead neck, you really don’t have long eyes when you walk. You killed me."
Holy shit. Who’s so heroic? It’s quite arrogant. Take a closer look. Isn’t it a long time since I saw a brother? It’s only that she would dare to insult him openly. It’s really not necessary for someone else to have this heart, and this nickname also exists. She would call it that.
"Hey, why did the sun come out in the west?" Chen Bo asked.
"Why can’t I? Don’t forget that I’m still a contracted actor of this company. Are you in a hurry to be reborn?" Zhou Xun rubbed his thin shoulders and didn’t good the spirit way
"I heard that Huang Lei came to meet you in the past, but he was a busy man and couldn’t even see a ghost all day."
"Which have you busy big boss! I just got back from the crew and just heard that Brother Lei was coming, so I came to talk about the past. I just introduced him to you, but I am ferromagnetic! " Zhou Xun stared at two big eyes and proudly said that he dragged Chen Bo’s arm to the second floor.
When I got to the small reception room, three men were sitting in it, talking about something, and the room was filled with tobacco fog.
"Wow, how much did you smoke? This is my journey to the West!"
Chen Bo, holding his nose, quipped that there was no stranger here except Lao Wang. Gao Xiaosong also left the thin man who was Huang Lei’s mouth. The mole had already sold him out. Compared with people in April, Xu Zhimo was just a little mellow and looked haggard.
"Well, this is not an old classmate who smoked a few more cigarettes when he was happy." Gao Xiaosong said with a smile at this time. "I’ll introduce you to Chen Bo, the major shareholder of Xinghe Entertainment. You don’t know much about it."
Huang Lei also got up at the moment and held out his hand to be modest. "I’ve heard a lot about Mr. Chen and told me about you and me. I’m a little teacher at Huang Leiying College."
"Then she certainly didn’t say anything nice about me." Chen Bo laughed and shook his hand. "I always like Miss Huang’s play. Today I’m here for a visit. Just call me Chen Bo or just call me Oriental Yue in the entertainment circle."
Chapter 50 It’s hard to raise a woman only.
"Is that the word Oriental Yue?" Huang Lei was shocked. In the past two years, this famous music circle has been very popular, but it is also very mysterious. So he wrote a few songs, all of which were brilliant and very hot. There is even a MV, and even the screenwriter who recently won the Palme d’ Or has his name.
Huang Lei has at least released a few albums, although it is not so popular, but after all, it is also a half-musician. After adding the word "Oriental Yuesa", I immediately think of it.
"That’s right, that’s him." Zhou Xun choked a Chen Bo behind him and came forward. "I didn’t see him write a song for me when he was a matchmaker."
"It’s hard to raise a female villain, and the ancients didn’t bully me!" Chen Bo shook his head nai way
The two of them teased their mouths and looked at their eyes, causing a burst of laughter. Zhou Xun’s personality, they all knew their true nature and were familiar with it.
"By the way, look at this. This is my classmate who lost 20 pounds to get through." Gao Xiaosong handed me a thick stack of dramas when several people sat down. "At that time, we all rented a house in the film academy."
There’s something in this fat talk, Chen Bo said. Although I didn’t know you two still had this, I wouldn’t have shot him without you.
Chen Boxin’s hand turned to look at the modern love drama, which is a series of stories between an ancient town map manager and a metropolis designer. The story is plain as water but has a strong humanistic atmosphere, but it is a good drama.
"Lao Wang, what do you think?" Wang Changtian is the big housekeeper of Xinghe. He can’t step in without saying a word, or he will look hard on his face.
Wang Changtian played the cigarette ash and said, "I think it’s good and worth investing."
Chen Bo handed back the play, saying, "Since Mr. Wang has said all this, it will definitely sell well and directly set up the project. Teacher Huang was recommended by Ding Jie to come to Xinghe to be in charge of the film and television system, so it is no longer so troublesome to make this decision."
Actually, I didn’t express my opinion at all, but I gave Lao Wang a full face and gave a reassurance to the new comer Huang Lei. Since I invited you here, it is a letter to you. Even if you lose money, it must be borne by the company.
In fact, according to the current format, if you have media resources, you will never lose money. Just because the optical media channels are very abundant, small and medium-sized TV stations in China can speak, and people are willing to bid wherever they sell.
At the turn of the new century, this period is also the most brilliant moment of national TV drama, and it was not until the impact of online media that it gradually gained some successor.
It’s easier for Huang Lei to see that both of them are in charge, and it’s safe to say that whether to make music or film and television will always have words. A new director, if you don’t have such a good resume to talk to the management, the conditions will be constrained, so this film may also be greatly discounted.
"In that case, I will prepare the country to take a photo of Wuzhen in the west of Zhejiang. It is very beautiful. I have been there to see a water town in the south of the Yangtze River or Mao Dun’s former residence." Huang Lei said his plan directly without being polite. "But it is a tourist area, and the budget may be higher, and the influence of people in the tourist season must be considered."
"Wuzhen? Is that water town in Hang Cheng, Shanghai? " Chen Bo asked.
"Yes, that’s as good as those ancient towns in Zhouzhuang Tongli."
"I’ll take care of this problem and absolutely guarantee the progress of the crew." Chen Bo said with confidence that this town in Wuzhen is not outstanding, mainly because this town in Suzhou and Hangzhou is simply a dime a dozen. How many ancient towns, large and small, are there by Taihu Lake?
But this Wuzhen developer has ambition and means, and he does not exclude venture capital, which is also a tourist attraction with the highest interest rate on the Internet. In that case, give him another arm, Chen Bo said
"Thank you, Mr. Chen."
"I’m really angry if I call you that again. I don’t have a job. Since I can always get together and do things I like, it’s a kind of fate. We are all friends, but we can’t be so identified."
"Well, since you’re a pseudonym Oriental Yue, I’ll call you Oriental. It’s simple and straightforward." When Huang Lei saw that he refused, he simplified and talked with a bunch of people who hung with presidents and directors. For literati, there was always more copper smell. Instead, everyone felt that they were celebrities.
In particular, Gao Xiaosong’s pair of squinting thieves often boast of being crazy, which makes people quite resistant.
Kyle is in talks with Huayi Brothers, and Cheng is in charge. After all, there are many blasting shots on the scene. It is very important to keep an eye on Chen Bo, who is not so stingy. With the protection of Ping An Company’s accident insurance, the crew can feel at ease and devote themselves to their work.
In addition, three TV dramas with different themes have officially entered the plan, and of course, the profits are also extremely rich. After Zhao Baogang filmed the Golden Powder Family, Ding Xin will stay at home and rest. It seems that it will be a mountain in the short term.
Wang Changtian stayed for a while and left for an excuse. He is now in charge of the whole regiment, but he can’t stay here when he is busy.
There were only three semi-pure men left at the scene, smoking one after another, from astronomy to geography, from the mainland to the ocean, and from Xu Zhimo to Wang Guozhen. This is really a talented person, diamond cut diamond, who can also make flowers.
"Drink two cups in the evening? Anyway, Gao Yuanyuan doesn’t nobody cares about you. "See Zhou Xun and talk about it with great energy."
"There’s a saying that every wine meets a bosom friend, a thousand cups are less, and you won’t get drunk today!" Gao Xiaosong clap table with maw laughed.
"You are just too sentimental and literati!" Chen Bo curled his lips and said, "How do you feel about going to Li Zhongsheng’s big brother’s wine as a song?"
Actually, he is afraid of drinking. If he is bragging while drinking, he may be bored by the three jars, but Li Zhongsheng won’t drink too much in the small bar, and these people can all play music and have fun.
"This is good, this is good, I haven’t heard you sing yet, but don’t hide it today." Huang Lei first expressed his support for Gao Xiaosong’s bitter face. He is a musician, but singing is not his strong suit, but he is not afraid of losing face today.
It is agreed that after meeting that night, Chen Bo will leave first, and leaving with them is equivalent to being idle. He can’t meet there after he has some work to deal with.
Chen Bo first sent a message to Pan Yue, asking him to contact Wuzhen Tourism Development Company to send money, of course. The specific plan will be decided when he returns to Shanghai.
Tourism is a big investment and long-term return project, just like the investment in the creative arts zone, but it is impossible for this company to own the management of production and development. Chen Bo’s idea is to turn this into an internet experimental field with the help of his resources and then promote the model here through the card effect.
No one will throw money around for no reason, and he will not do that kind of thankless thing. Everything is laid out around the core of the Internet foundation. Looking at this one industry after another, it seems that it is somewhat unprofessional, but it is actually a blue ocean.
There are not many influential opponents, and they are easier to change hands and innovate.
If you let him get a real estate, it will be great. It will be a few years before he can do such a rapid accumulation of capital.
After dealing with the approval process in hand, he will go to the University of Posts and Telecommunications to discuss the issue of laboratory cooperation the next day. In a few days, there will be a special session of the second Internet Summit Forum, and he will have to prepare a three-minute speech before he can return to Pengcheng and Shanghai, which is almost a three-point one-line state.
After everything is busy, the sun is already west, but the summer night won’t come until around 8: 00
Chen Bo took Xin and Liu Qing to a small road next door, which was covered by green trees. There were two signs hanging in front of Li Zhongsheng’s small building, one called "Li Guitar Workshop" and the other written "Life Home".
Besides his handmade guitar workshop, it is also a small bar, which is too small to be smaller.
It’s very suitable for three or five old friends to come over and fiddle with a few strings and a few glasses of wine to live comfortably. It’s no wonder that this large small courtyard is called Life Home.
It’s obviously a little cold in the bar before nightfall. There are two or three tourists sitting in the corner listening to the soft music flowing from the speaker and whispering.
Chen Bo shouted at the stairs, "If you don’t come out, the boss will chew your table."
Naturally, the bartender knew that he was shaking his head with a smile and didn’t stop the two women behind him from smiling. The disturbed drinker looked up to see who was so bold. Li Zhongsheng was a famous musician and he should always be a star. As a result, he was disappointed to see a young man, so he bowed his head and continued to talk slowly.