Group repair discoloration with horror.

The foremost monks have retreated for fear of being rippled by this god.
The collision of the two great yuan gods’ occult techniques has produced these ripples, and their power is amazing enough to obliterate the returning Taoist!
Destroy the whip and the seven colors of divine light will disappear with it.
Su Mo and Xuan Yu Dao Jun Yuan Shen were both shocked, and they were pale.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Xuanyu Daojun approached again and laughed. "What else do you have to kill, Huangwu? Come out and let me see it!"
Actually, Su Mo also knows a Yuan Shen hermetic.
That’s the Buddhist Tathagata method!
It’s this mysticism of Yuan God that consumes too much for Yuan God.
Now he continuously releases the magic secret, Yuan Shen consumes a lot of money. If he fails to kill Xuanyu Daojun, he may be consumed by life and death!
Don’t think much about it. Xuanyu Daojun has once again killed the crowd.
The formula of continuous change of Su Mo’s bright eyes
Three flames suddenly appeared beside him!
Red fairy doorway fire
Golden Buddhism Daohuo
Black magic door means fire.
It seems that the three flames will never go out
The temperature of the ruins suddenly rose!
Normally, the power of every doorway fire is extremely horrible, but Xuanyu Daojun seems not to feel the qi and blood before stepping. generate leaned out his palm and severely suppressed Su Mo!
Xuanyu Daojun’s body is too strong!
The Three-way Fire Root Method did harm to him.
His qi and blood are shrouded in three fires, and the fire tends to go out!
Su Mo’s look is the same, and the cold light in his eyes flashes, and the method in his hand will change again!
The three-door fire suddenly collided with him to form a tricolor flame!
Xuanyu Daojun’s face finally changed.
When these three flames are divided, he can’t feel anything, but he feels that his skin is a little hot and painful and he can bear it.
But after the tricolor flame arrival, all his hair has burned!
At this time, Su Mo touched the eyebrows and once again condensed a Yuan Shen fire into the tricolor flame and said coldly, "Burn it for me!"
Four ignorance, fire arrival!
The temperature in the old capital of Yan State is rising!
The ruins, buildings and broken walls around them have melted to form lux magma flowing slowly.
This distance from Xuanyu Daojun Root Dodge is not directly enveloped by Simiao Daohuo, and it is full of flames!
The onlookers retreated away from the battlefield again
"This is the flame! At the beginning, the authentic Emperor Yin was the four-color flame of death! "
"What a horrible flame!"
"I didn’t expect this war to reach this point. Is Xuanyu Daojun finished?"