There are some regrets in the morning, but these women will soon be driven out of their brains. Whether they want to or not, there is no danger of a child’s corpse. No one is whiter than the morning, and there is no need to go in vain. This child’s corpse is not only different among zombies, but also has the grievances of countless corpses, mountains and seas. It is already magical and cannot be controlled by the morning!

The sound of "zi zi" and "bang" kept ringing, and the child’s corpse gradually became dark from the original pale spell, except for the spell attack, but it was still ferocious and constantly attacked and tried to break the array.
But how can the Beidou magic array be broken by a corpse child who has not yet recovered its peak strength? Although the law barrier seems to be teetering with child corpse attacks, with the operation of the law, all kinds of energy can always be replenished to the barrier that is about to be broken, which makes the child corpse attacks always fall short at the last minute.
Morning confidence is becoming more and more sufficient. Seeing that the pre-set spell of the law is about to be finished, Morning will not hesitate to take out many magic charms and five Leifu from the ring again. Although there are not many left, it is not a loss compared with killing children and killing children’s bodies.
Moreover, there is one thing that the child corpse is also interested in. The yellow master has the Yuan God. Although the child corpse has the initial strength of the yellow level, it is only because it has not recovered its peak strength. The child corpse is a mysterious body with a hard body comparable to the golden body, and there is a Dan that is the essence. Usually, there are no zombies, but it is a physical attack type. This Dan has never been consumed.
In the category of zombies, there are children’s corpses and frozen emperors. The real power of Dan is not inferior to that of the yellow-level peak master, but it is also in vain that zombies can’t transport.
However, if the child’s corpse is destroyed, Dan is likely to remain. Although Dan can’t practice medicine like a demon, because the ptomaine in it is too strong to eat, it is equal to death. However, if a zombie is given, a new generation of stiff emperors can be produced. Although it can’t immediately have the strength of stiff emperors, Dan grows a hundred times faster than ordinary zombies. It won’t be long before a little zombie can really have the strength of a stiff emperor, and this morning is also very interested.
Who doesn’t want to have a strong hand?
An unspeakable shock came from the Beidou array, and the spirit of the morning shocked. The final attack of the Beidou array was about to be completed.
See not too big stone channel is very strange to form a thick layer of dark clouds tightly attached to the square stone wall of the channel of Beidou Destroyer Array.
In the morning, I quickly retreated a dozen meters, and the Beidou array kept a considerable distance. The final attack of the Beidou array was not much worse than Xiaotian’s robbery, and the endless extermination of the fire burned everything in the world. This child’s body is no exception.
"Boom" is like lightning. A few thick lights come to attack from the dark clouds of the Beidou Rubik’s Cube. They will also attack the child’s corpse, and the body will become stiff and miserable. It is not until this time that the child’s corpse re-reveals the pitiful hole eyes. Zhongtian Chen clearly sees the color of fear.
With the light attack, a poor fire suddenly broke out in the Beidou extermination array, burning the stiff child’s body, and the pain was worse than misery, and the eyes unconsciously turned elsewhere in the morning.
I don’t know how long it took before I heard the sound again in the morning, and the day after tomorrow I turned my attention to the place where Beidou destroyed the magic array.
There, the dark clouds have dispersed, and the bodies of the children in the original array have disappeared for a moment. The milky white round beads are lying there quietly, confirming that everything just now is not an illusion, but a real thing.
Without the sad face of the child’s corpse, the morning also felt at ease and walked over. The mind held up this pearl, and the morning knew that this milky round pearl was the essence of the child’s corpse Dan.
After getting the child’s corpse, Dan Tianchen was a little happy, but he didn’t dare to really touch Dan Yin’s ptomaine. Now, even his body has not been completely removed, how dare he win the more severe ptomaine in Dan again?
Take out an isolation box and put the child’s body Dan carefully in the morning and then put it in the ring.
Everything was only a little collapsed when Bi Tianchen sat down in the passage and hurriedly put up several defense arrays to heal.
The child corpse left fifteen scars in the morning, although it was not shocking, but it was also scarred. Good morning physique and special blood didn’t leave much. This corpse was really bad. The child corpse was trapped in the array in the morning and has not removed the body ptomaine until now.
I took out a few special poison pills from the healing medicine of Yaowangge, which is just the antidote to the corpse poison. Although the malice of the child’s corpse can’t be completely eliminated, it is possible to complete the recovery with his healing medicine and the rest of the morning.
No longer delay the defense array. First, take Dan medicine in the morning, and then exercise to heal the injury.
Chapter ninety-four Dragon Cave Treasure
Chapter ninety-four Dragon Cave Treasure
After dozens of weeks of exercise, the morning tube has just eliminated a lot of fierce fighting fatigue, and the child’s corpse ptomaine has been directly clarified. Although there are still traces of residue, it is not serious enough to recover after a period of rest in the future.
When I got up and removed the defensive array around me, I turned my eyes to see it in the morning. At this time, the big bronze gate has restored the most beautiful seal of mountains and rivers.
When I walked to the door, I touched a few times in the morning, but the carving of these carved bronze doors was complicated and even more fascinating, but it was not the illusion of children’s corpses, but the crystallization of ancient carving and casting art in China, which fascinated Tianchen.
The dark transport force knocked heavily on several bronze doors, and the hole came "dong". It seems that this bronze door is really big behind it.
In my heart, it must be strange that it is difficult to penetrate the bronze door to see the situation behind it, but I believe that this * * dragon cave should not be more dangerous than the child’s corpse except in the morning, even if it wants to achieve the golden body with the help of the * * dragon cave, Zhu Yuanzhang wants to come, because it is not time, even if it is resurrected before, it should not be as terrible as the child’s corpse.
After pushing the force to the Tongmen Tongmen’s transportation capacity in the morning, it will become a thousand pounds of great force to slowly push it back and unveil its mystery.
Set the position of some stupid copper doors after the morning in front of the door.
There is a huge cave in front of the morning, which is several times larger than the hole that was confined when it was arranged in the morning.
However, this huge cave is full of gold and silver treasures, coral agate can’t show value, and there are no rules for box by box. There are several seals in ancient iron boxes before the morning.
What a huge fortune this is!
In the morning, my mind has already been occupied by three words: "Get rich!"
Tianchen never thought that he would be tempted by any wealth, even though he spent billions of gold coins on the mainland of Kaya in those years, he did not feel any heartache or jealousy. Although he was influenced by the earth’s worship of money after coming to earth, even tens of millions of spells and magic nuclei were still used to kill children’s bodies, it was just a little dreary.
I came to look for the treasure of Emperor Jianwen’s legacy in order to get a better life on the earth. After that, I have funds to let him spend money between the earth and Kaya. It is just a pleasure. Even if there is not much wealth, it will be a pity that there will never be much regret in the morning.
But now I really know that this is not his lofty pride, but his pride in his bones, which makes those wealth not reach the level that makes him completely moved.
However, when I really saw that the value of this full cave far exceeded my previous wealth by dozens, hundreds and even thousands of times, this moment in the morning really turned into a coquettish figure in the money worship era, and immediately announced that it was my own.
When I woke up from the red-eye madness that morning, the whole cave treasure had been moved by the morning.
This is the amazing degree of charm and wealth of the dragon cave treasure!
The morning gradually recovered from madness. When I really woke up, I secretly called for luck and good luck. The child’s body was killed by myself before. If the sudden attack on this cave full of treasures has become a little crazy, I am afraid I have already hated Jiuquan in the morning. Lucky! Lucky!
I’m afraid I’ll really fall into the devil’s way if I don’t dare to see how much wealth the ring contains in the morning.
It’s hard to divert attention. In the morning, I turned my attention to the last thing in the cave.
It’s a crystal coffin, and there seems to be a body lying in it. Maybe it’s the body that keeps the crystal coffin from being included in the ring!
"Strange since it is a corpse that is dead already should also be put in! How come? " In the morning, some mumbles approached the crystal coffin.
What kind of beautiful face is that?