In Yuduan County, Wang Yi started a series of ruling and opposition parties. Now, Pu Yi has become a big brother, and his father naturally rises with his high position. Even several brothers have started to hold their heads high. For two months, without a word, they have been wandering among various princes and ministers in an attempt to unite their influence to support Pu Yi to become the 95 th emperor one day. Now Li Hongzhang has become a local official, and Yuan Shikai is the first governor with the highest prestige. Yuan Shikai’s proximity to Tianjin has become the object of Yi’s wooing.

How can those small abacus be fooled by people? Yuan Shikai was annoyed by the king of the county with two poles, but now the guy’s status is high and Yuan Shikai can’t afford it.
Not to be taunted, you can hide without a call on the government for three consecutive times, but Yuan Shikai found various excuses to push it off and let Yi see it.
But this time it’s different. Now it’s the prime minister’s office, and the foreign affairs of Yuan Shikai, the minister of Beiyang, have to be handled by hand. Even if you don’t want to show up, you can’t do it. It’s impossible for you to visit Tianjin in the name of Beiyang, sir. If the chief executive of Beiyang doesn’t, it will definitely give you a hand.
Yuan Shikai crustily skin of head himself zhili governor yamen received smiling without a word.
Without a word, I saw Yuan Shikai laughing, "Comfort Pavilion Bro is a very busy man. I have been to Tianjin for three trips in less than two months, but I can’t see anyone."
Yuan Shikai hurriedly smile apologetically, "Old Lord, where do you dare to be busy in front of you? It’s just a trivial matter. A Zhili and a Beiyang involved too much energy. As you know, the tiger who crossed the river came to Tianjin some time ago and made a big fuss. It’s annoying that three police camps even left a hair on others. It’s not the last month. How can we get those big soldiers to go there every day to protect our Lafayette and the land of the Qing Dynasty?"
Without a smile, "Comfort Pavilion Bro really cares about the country and the people. Qing is running out of etiquette like you. It’s much better than that old Li Shaoquan."
Yuan Shikai’s face was a positive answer. "The old prince laughed at the fact that Yuan Shikai was born in the grass, and his fame and fortune were not old. nave will be pulled up from the grass, and Yuan Shikai can’t forget to dig wells today?"
Without a word, his face turned stiff and quick. "Hehe, I forgot to comfort the pavilion. Old nave is a proud pupil. Comfort the pavilion. Don’t mind too much. This time, Wang came to Tianjin on business. Besides business, he wanted to ask Brother Comfort what kind of thoughts he had about abolishing the emperor. Wang never took Comfort the pavilion as an outsider. The governor only asked one person, but he didn’t care!"
Yuan Shikai ignored a sneer in his heart? What a fool! The governor has greeted him more than once, but I don’t know how much he sent. Now he’s here to find out. I’m afraid Yuan Shikai is not so fooled.
Yuan Shikai replied, "I’m afraid it’s inconvenient for the old prince to want to come to the royal family because it’s a foreign minister’s participation?"
Without a facial expression, "Comfort Pavilion, where is it? If you put a hundred years ago, Aisingiorro’s talented people gathered together, it’s natural to set up a royal prince and county king, but it’s different now. Let’s Aisingiorro’s population wither, not to eat too much, and it’s hard for the last two years to have Prince Gong in the seat. Now, where is Prince Gong? Let’s not fall behind when we contribute these pillars of the Qing Dynasty." Yuan Shikai ha smiled. "Then Shikai will thank the old prince for his attention. But, old Lord, it’s not easy for you to run around like this and be careful that people will get into Lafayette’s ears. You can rest assured that Yuan Shikai will naturally die! " I have worked hard to run to Tianjin for four times, so I just waited for this sentence. When I heard Yuan Shikai’s statement, I naturally burst into laughter. "Comfort Pavilion, you can be the pillars of the country, such as Li Hongzhang and Zhang Dong. In the future, once the new emperor ascended the throne, the position of military department, the prime minister, can be chosen at will, and you can’t leave the guardian!"
Chapter five hundred and sixty-seven Two-pole report
Yuan Shikai smile apologetically, "Old Lord, you can’t be a great minister again. If one day Big Brother really ascended the throne, Lao Yuan will also need a lot of help from your old man’s house."
Without a roar with laughter "comfort pavilion bro welcome who don’t know is the dragon and phoenix in the whole China young generation is the northeast that Zhang Jian can be compared is worthless!"
Yuan Shikai blushed with a smile. "This can be appreciated by many adults. Where is Yuan Shikai’s great ability? What dare Zhang Jian do again? Your parents failed to live up to the court’s long grace. It’s really disgusting."
It’s true that Yuan Shikai nodded without a word. Now the whole Manchu aristocrat is not very Zhang Jian. At the beginning, Galeries Lafayette was very polite to the emperor. In recent years, the weak crown has made it a glorious * * rebel thief who finally left the monarch and gave up his father to build a country and become a self-reliant beast!
Without a pause, he said, "It’s a rare talent in Qing Dynasty to know what to do, regardless of ability or skill. It’s hard to choose one thing. Do you want to discuss it?"
Yuan Shikai was one leng. "Old Lord, please tell us what men don’t have to avoid."
Without a heavy "comfort pavilion now set up galeries lafayette there has been the opinion of the minister in Wang Da all influence has become a consensus, willing to help one arm, but only these foreigners’ wanton hindrance really makes people angry. Now the Boxers in Zhili, Shandong Province are getting more and more fierce, and they are going to personally contact the Boxers around to drive the foreigners out of China! It’s as easy to ask foreigners to interfere and want to do something! "
Yuan Shikai was scared to drop the teacup in his hand without a word.
Yuan Shikai looked shocked. "The old prince is very important. Don’t be impulsive. If we just go to war with a country that the powers like to drive them away, it’s okay. You have to drive all foreigners away. This is different from seasoned road. If the old prince doesn’t want you, we may have to take the whole Qing Dynasty! You should think twice before you do it! "
Without a smile, "Comfort Pavilion knows what to worry about, but it’s not worrying about the powers’ strong guns. Foreigners’ spears and cannons are really difficult to deal with, but the Boxers are also not easy to handle. You can see with your own eyes that people inside may come forth in large numbers. Even if foreigners’ rifles are hit, they won’t hurt! Let’s forget what foreigners the Boxers are afraid of! "
Yuan Shikai almost cried. Wipe Nima without a king’s egg. It doesn’t matter if you want to die. It doesn’t matter if you don’t lead the old and the Qing Dynasty. This Nima is going to make the powers angry, which is not good for China! ?
Damn it, what a golden bell and iron cloth shirt is pure deception! In the old days, Wang Wu, a broadsword, was so familiar with the dramas in the Jianghu that he always looked at them with a steel knife, so he had to move his head!
Yuan Shikai tried hard to persuade Yi not to be impulsive and think twice. He wanted us to concentrate on the throne one day, but how could Yi listen?
Yuan Shikai is really awesome.
Yuan Shikai had a hard time getting rid of Yi, and everyone was lost in thought.
Without a glance, I don’t understand anything, so I have a showdown with myself. Now I am under the jurisdiction of Beiyang. Once I want to make trouble behind my back, it’s really bad to end up with myself.
But now it’s too early to make a random statement by yourself. Pu Yi has indeed been appointed as a big brother, but the big brother is not justified. Once he now expresses his support for the big brother to set up a business in the middle of the way, he will die. The new throne of successive dynasties will first eliminate dissidents and establish his own team. However, when the time comes, he will definitely not be the second one!
I’m too sensitive to be the governor of Zhili. Alas, it’s unlucky. Galeries Lafayette doesn’t know which rib is wrong. It’s time to depose the emperor and set up a new king. Although Emperor Guangxu hates himself now, Galeries Lafayette is still healthy and malicious. When Guangxu ascended the throne, he was afraid that he would not be a small governor of Zhili. At least half of China’s force would be able to master his own hands. Then the emperor would still dare to get the boat!
But what now? The king of the devastated county not only wants to tie his own chariot, but also wants to support himself in helping the Qing dynasty to destroy the ocean. Isn’t that why he wants to die? If you want to die, don’t talk about being old. If you can’t afford to be old, then stay away, mom!
Yuan Shikai is full of anger, but where can he hide if he wants to? Such a big Qing himself is the focus, and the governor of Zhili has a high position, so you don’t want to cut!
This is really tricky!
Yuan Shikai’s brain door faintly appeared a few drops of sweat. It’s hard to beat the old Yuan. In the end, the old Yolanda lamented that such a situation can also take it one step at a time. Now it’s enviable that Zhang Yilai came to Fengtian, a guy who plunged into Fengtian. Finally, because of the independent establishment of the Republic of China in the three northeastern provinces, you should be afraid of three points. No matter whether the Qing court or the great powers do everything, they get the slightest benefit from their hands. It’s very high …
Chapter five hundred and sixty Yang Shixiang suggestions
Full of nai Yuan Shikai, I can’t think of any good way to invite all my advisers. Wang Shizhen, Liang Shiyi, Sheng Xuanhuai, Feng Guozhang Yang Shiyi and others were all invited by Yuan Shikai.
Yuan Shikai told the story of Wang Yi’s conversation in Duanjun County to everyone.
All the people gasped in a gasp. This end county king is an out-and-out crazy head, and his head is flattened by the crack of the door. He actually wants to use those Uzbek Boxers to deal with the powers of various countries and drive foreigners out to the end. Maybe even his life is a light one. Maybe he will destroy his family!
Everyone was silent. Yuan Shikai looked at everyone and said, "Tell me, ladies and gentlemen, how can we break this situation?"
Look at me, everyone. I’ll see if you really don’t know what to say. What can you do when you meet such a wonderful person?
Yuan Shikai said crossly, "You are talking. If you are wrong, will I eat you?"? Talk about it one by one! "
Feng Guozhang wry smile way "comfort handsome you let us take the lead, but also let us advise politicians that Cao Kun brothers and I are amateurs. You’d better ask Xing Sun and others."