The Hunger’s magic face is swollen because of days of suffering.

The rim of the eye is black and the eyes are redder.
He has lost a lot of weight, too.
My cheekbones are sticking out.
The Hunger’s bed in the room is covered with paper everywhere.
All the papers are full of words and different meridians and bones, and there are different color-coded labels, and there are two The Hunger dissecting human bodies in the corner.
Both of them are alive.
Was completely anesthetized and unconscious.
These two living bodies are almost "in" by The Hunger.
Become bloody
But I’m still panting
Stone chambers are also full of a bloody smell.
When The Hunger looked at the bed-making map, he jumped up the paper to study …
The Hunger is also more frequent.
Send it seven times a day
That is to say, The Hunger has to go through seven times a day.
He was also tortured and weak.
The Hunger Bai, if his hair is injured more than ten times a day, it is time for him to die.
On the eleventh night after Lin Yi broke into the abode of fairies and immortals, The Hunger almost finished cooking the oil lamp, but still failed to crack it.
Now the injury is nine times a day!
The Hunger slumped to the ground, and the faces covered with drawings were dying.
My heart seems to be dying.
He grabbed a picture of meridians and said to himself, "Almost … What’s wrong … Are you naive enough to kill me?"
Suddenly, The Hunger eyes a bright!
Chapter one hundred and fifteen The Hunger counterattack (1)
This time, The Hunger Jane took the meridian map backwards.
The Hunger stared at the red light in the upside-down picture, such as staring at a rare treasure.
Map those lines slowly. The Hunger’s eyes seem to creep up, then flow like blood, and flow through several acupoints and meridians in a counter-current way, and then rush toward the heart …
The Hunger suddenly burst out laughing, and he cried, "The sky will never stop me! Days are always with me … "
Watching the outside door, Yu Beixue heard the blood ancestor excited and shouting and pushed the door and came in.
See The Hunger sit with the picture upside down and tremble with excitement. Her long hair is almost deformed because of the excitement of moving the magic face.
Yu Bei blood surprise way "blood progenitor you solved the mystery of pain body? !”
"Ha, ha, ha, what a Hu Ling hidden soul I’m finished now! White … "The Hunger’s ecstatic voice was hoarse. He told Yubei Blood Channel" I painstakingly studied and drew dozens of pictures to try to draw the true gas’ line’ of Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul when he was practicing at that time. Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul himself understood that practicing The Hunger’s work was not a painful body … His true qi ran from the abdomen and passed through the Sun’s Shaoyang Meridian, and then the true qi fell back to Jueyang Meridian and even passed through several big holes … This led to the ulceration of his body. Hu Ling’s Tibetan Soul also realized that it was serious to prevent the body from ulceration. Re-establish a new’ circuit’ in his body, and he was in a hurry to soak his body with some drugs to cure the festering body. Among these drugs, there were poisonous drugs, but the situation was getting worse and worse. He suffered from pain, so he gouged out his rotten meat and tore off his bad skin … But his remedies were useless. He constantly adjusted his true qi, ran the’ circuit’ and was constantly ill and rushed to the hospital. He was tortured and even more unusual. He imagined that his body was completely destroyed, but later … Haha, Maybe it was a coincidence that Hu Ling was completely destroyed. The light of the hidden soul flashed, and he tried to run upside down for the first time. The first time he ran the’ line’ because of a problem, Hu Ling’s hidden soul got an unexpected harvest. When I created The Hunger’s work, I imagined painful body! This is the best result. With Hu Ling’s warning, I can avoid his suffering and get a painful body. Hahahaha … "
Finally solved the mystery of Hu Ling’s hiding the soul and hurting the body. The Hunger suspected that he was reborn
The Hunger was so excited that the whole person seemed crazy.
Yu Beixue is also happy and I don’t know if it is so good.
He crawled in front of The Hunger and wept with joy. "Great! Great! Congratulations to Blood Zu! God bless the blood ancestors … "
The Hunger went crazy and reached the wall, then turned upside down.
He told Yu Bei’s bloody road, "I’m suffering from physical weakness these days. Call the tough guy to help me continuously. In three days, my pain will be reduced by ten points. After ten days, my pain will be reduced by half. Although it’s more difficult in the future, with my qualifications and skills, my body will be completely painful for up to a month and a half. I won’t feel the pain again, so I won’t be afraid of being hurt. I’ll see how I can clean them up!" Isn’t Lin Yi the first day? Then I’ll kill him in public. This first haha … "
Yu Beixue hurriedly called Zuo Chaoyang.
Zuo Chaoyang heard the news.
Zuo Chaoyang was equally delighted to learn that Blood Ancestor had finally solved the mystery of painful body.
Zuo Chaoyang pressed his hands on the arch of blood ancestor’s foot as instructed by blood ancestor, and then injected force into blood ancestor’s feet at the same time with his left hand and his right hand.
The Hunger guided Zuo Chaoyang to practice by himself.
Because of the urgency, The Hunger is also crazy to practice.
Almost day and night.
Zuo Chaoyang not only needs to rest, but also constantly helps The Hunger to practice.
Zuo Chaoyang’s strength recovery is also amazing now
This also allows The Hunger to achieve twice the result with half the effort.
This is why Zuo Chaoyang would have crossed over if he had been replaced by others to help The Hunger practice for such a long time.
In exchange for Lin Yi and Li Li, Qin Dingfang can’t do it either.
After three days, The Hunger’s pain decreased by ten points.
Although The Hunger’s hair injury reached ten times a day, the pain was one third.
The Hunger’s life was finally saved.
Ten days later, The Hunger’s pain was reduced by half, and his hair injury reached 12 times a day. But now The Hunger can bear it, and he won’t be treated by my father.
Pain is reduced by half, and it becomes difficult to break through again.
The Hunger this just suspended crazy practice.
He also needs to take good care of himself and recover.
After a few days of nursed back to health, The Hunger’s body has been recovering and his complexion has improved a lot.
The Hunger’s mood is even more difficult.