The stars are trembling and the sky is dark!

The emperor moves!
Many swordsmen in the sword world can’t bear this pressure, so they kneel down one after another.
This big hand will not only crush Wu Daozun to death, but also cover the whole sword world and destroy it in the palm of your hand!
Even outside the battlefield, SIRS Emperor felt this breath and his mind trembled.
The gap is too big!
This is the power of the great!
Finish the law and compete!
Emperor Kun of the North and Emperor Peng of Nanpeng also sighed when they saw this scene.
They didn’t help the wild world in the end because they were worried that this war would disturb the emperor.
The emperor sent his brothers to settle everything!
Chapter three thousand one hundred and sixty-seven Wild Wu Emperor
In this life, no one in the world has ever seen the emperor’s hand waiting for the scene.
Although Wu Daozun has seen the great and the strong, he has not fought with the great, and he does not know what the great and the strong will achieve.
It was not until this moment that he felt the star tremble and the heavens shook the great power of the princes!
Very strong!
Never seen before!
What makes him feel great pressure!
If more than one hundred years ago, he could not resist the situation of this land in Yuan Wu.
But today is different!
Butterfly Moon has made great progress in more than one hundred years.
Wu Daozun has also changed!
After the Great Wilderness and World War I, Wudao Zun’s cave in Yuan Wu stepped into the imperial territory and became the Yuan Wu world.
Yuan Wu world is his martial art style!
Even if he doesn’t move the Yuan Wu world, he can easily suppress many peak emperors and break the perfect world by virtue of his flesh and blood!
After the two real bodies met, Wu Daozun combined the three kinds of fire of Violet’s real body into one body, which made the power of Wu Dao oven and Wu Lian Gan Kun greatly improved!
Just in the great war, Wu Daozun killed the quartet, and even three patrol angels were killed by his boxing.
But in fact, he still has reservations and has not released his efforts.
At the beginning of the war, Wu Daozun guessed that this war would probably disturb the Emperor of Heaven!
He must be reserved.
And all the subsequent parties are now!
In the face of repression, Wu Daozun, the big hand who covers the sky, howls at the sky, and directly drives his blood to the limit and produces a roar.