At this time, the calligraphy hand and the black dress person have been controlled by Wu Tang’s master hand, and Zhu Jifeng and Xu Lijing have also been controlled by Tong Xuan Dian’s spiritual practice.

Wang Yuyao looked at Lin Tong and others with a sigh and then pointed to the four of them. "I want to take these people away."
Wu Tangzhu frowned and said, "It’s not appropriate, is it? I’ll take care of Liu Xuanshen’s younger brother, but these are all recidivists who participated in the assassination of the imperial court officials. You can’t just take them away, can you?"
Wu Tang’s master is not deliberately making things difficult. Under normal circumstances, several of him really can’t just let Wang Yuyao take away his original Wang Yuyao. Unexpectedly, Wang Yuyao smiled. This smile is really fascinating, but it is the first meditation of Wu Tang’s master.
Wang Yuyao smiled and pointed to the fan Liu Xuan. "Does Lord Wu Tang know Liu Xuan’s identity as a Taiji Gate?"
Wu Tangzhu’s head was still a little overwhelmed, so he quickly shook his head.
"Liu Xuan is my cousin Wu Tangzhu of Taiji Men’s War Hall. Do you think it is necessary for you to cut them some slack?"
If all the cousins in Xuanmen are considered elite, it would be scary to add cousins.
To put it bluntly, the younger brothers in the elite have a door and elders think that they have great potential to become younger brothers. Almost all the younger brothers are the backbone of the major Xuanmen in the future. To become younger brothers, they must go through quite strict trials and be recognized by three elders.
It is said that if Liu Xuan is really the younger brother of Taiji Gate, if Liu Xuan enters the gas coagulation stage or further reaches the pulse stage in the future, he is likely to become the principal of an institution in Taiji Gate, which is much more noble than Wang Yuyao now.
Wang Yuyao’s words are vaguely threatening. You don’t want to give me a face, but Liu Xuan needs to see that if Liu Xuan is a grumpy little guy in the future, you Wu Jiake will face the strong pressure of Taiji Gate.
Lord Wu Tang couldn’t help choking his teeth. This feeling is so uncomfortable. This faint threat is the most disgusting thing, but it happened that he made a mistake. Just now, he insisted on detaining Lin Tong and others, which was also reasonable. After all, he was also enforcing the law according to the rules, but Wang Yuyao said these words. If he still insists on this, he will be sad when Liu Xuan grows up in the future.
If it is someone else, he may not believe it, but the calligraphy example is right in front of him. He doesn’t even know what kind of festival this calligraphy has with Liu Xuan. This Liu Xuan is so malicious that he will kill himself with calligraphy.
You know, this calligraphy was killed by Liu Xuan, a three-member official of the imperial court. Although he was protected from death because of his younger brother’s status, Liu Xuan still has a great possibility of being punished for more than ten years if he was naive enough to hold himself accountable to Taiji Gate.
But this Liuxuan doesn’t even care about these things. If he knows that he is determined to make it difficult for his brothers, it is very likely that he will retaliate against the imperial city back and forth.
So he also gave a long sigh and gently shook his head at his hand without greeting Wang Yuyao, and flew away directly with those men in black to be continued.
219, escape from the imperial city
Liu Xuan was lucky not to be in a coma this time. In the past, he witnessed the whole process of Wang Yuyao’s hard resistance to Wu Tangzhu. Finally, Wang Yuyao put Lin Tong and other four shops in Taiji Gate.
But Liu Xuan can’t stay in the shop. Once the new emperor investigates it, it’s very likely that the three temple owners of Tong Xuan Temple will make moves. If they really make moves, Wang Yuyao can’t keep Liu Xuan. After all, Liu Xuan is not even a Tai Chi disciple now, not to mention those words, which is to scare Wu Tang’s master. He can’t stand scrutiny. But several temples mainly check that Wang Yuyao, the nameplate of Liu Xuan’s cousin, can’t get it out.
Although Liu Xuan is seriously injured, he is still sober. He can feel that Wang Yuyao gave him a fourth-order miracle. His injury is very clear to him. It is very troublesome for him to take out the knives that were pierced by calligraphy and handle them dirty by the black dragon. It seems that he is likely to cause some permanent damage.
Arguably, at this time, Liu Xuan should be settled first, but the time is pressing. Wang Yuyao is afraid that he will simply wrap Liu Xuan up and leave Liu Xuan.
Liu Xuan is still struggling. After all, his brothers are still in the secret land, but Wang Yuyao directly sealed his gods at his head.
When Liu Xuan woke up, she found herself in a boat with many wounds scabbed. Judging from the recovery of these wounds, she should have been asleep for two or three days.
This is an ordinary cargo ship with a lot of goods piled up in the cabin. Judging from the color of the planks, this ship should be at least seven years old.
Liu Xuan didn’t get up. He knew by guess that it should be a North Sea ship, and Wang Yuyao’s purpose was to get rid of the new emperor’s pursuit.
But why not let Liu Xuan take the shuttle bus directly?
First of all, the imperial city is to control the Tong Xuan Dian. If you want to go to the Tong Xuan Dian, you must go through the approval of the Tong Xuan Dian, but Liu Xuan may not be willing to release it now.
You’re Xuanmendi. I won’t arrest you directly, but I can’t let you leave.
After all, the new emperor hasn’t made a statement yet, and anything can happen.
Moreover, Liu Xuan’s physical condition does not allow him to send the array, which is a kind of operation. During the sending process, he will have great bumps and tearing force. Judging from Liu Xuan’s injury, it is easy to cause more trauma to him.
Liu Xuan looked at his wounds, which were all treated by professional doctors. The abdomen was scratched by the black dragon and there were stitches.
Wang Yuyao’s fourth-order elixir should be a wood-based elixir. Its great vitality is still in the meridians, and it is a great contribution that she can recover so well.
Such a magic fourth order is also rare, and the price is even more difficult to measure. For Liu Xuan, such a conation order is even more famous. Even the magic of Wang Yuyao’s identity will have to be exchanged for it.
Thought of here LiuXuan actually has a little bit of guilt in my heart.
He doesn’t have a deep friendship with Wang Yuyao Li Mingfeng. Unlike him and Lin Tong Du Chen, they can’t be equated with Zhu Qifeng and Xu Lijing. If Wang Yuyao values himself or sees his legacy, Li Mingfeng is just a liaison with himself.
Liu Xuan secretly shook his fist, and Li Mingfeng remembered his own return day in the future.
At this time, there was a burst of footsteps outside the cabin, and a man bent over and came in from the outside.
Liu Xuan’s cabin should be the bilge of this ship. Generally, the bilge is used to hold heavier goods. If the goods are not too heavy, sometimes some sand stones will be loaded. To ensure the surface of the ship, the bilge of the cabin is generally short, and it is difficult for normal people to go straight.
Come in is a teenager, he saw LiuXuan woke up is very happy "how does it feel to wake up? Is there anything wrong with your body? "
Liuxuan looked at his eyes and found that he was an ordinary teenager. It is estimated that the sea face is somewhat weathered for many years.
"Is this the boat for Yanbei?"
"Yes, we are going to Yuntai, and the ship is now close to Yuntai. We will be able to land in one day. If you have any discomfort, you must follow the novel." The boy looks very enthusiastic
Liu Xuan couldn’t help sighing after listening to the teenager’s words. Although this Wang Yuyao is a gas condensate repair, she still takes the world for granted.
This Wang Yuyao thinks that she is clever, but she just walks away from the misunderstanding of consciousness. The reason why she chose the sea route is that it is fast by sea. If she takes the land route for a long time, it is very likely that she will be found out after several passes.
However, it is much faster to travel by sea and land. It takes three days to reach Yuntai Port from the Imperial Capital to Yanbei, but it is precisely by sea and land that it is the easiest to be found. You should know that there is a port city like Yuntai in Yanbei. If the new emperor really wants to catch Liu Xuan, he should seal off the port of Yuntai and seal off several ports near Yuntai, but Liu Xuan can’t escape if he wants to escape.
This is a three-masted cargo ship, with a total of more than 20 sailors. The boss is Li Hang. They travel to and from the Imperial City and Yuntai all the year round, and sometimes cross the border to Silla. They haven’t been there since the border of Silla was increased. Listen to the boss, I don’t know how many fishing boats have been detained by Silla, not to mention that these cargo ships are more valuable than fishing boats. Silla Water Army is particularly interested in cargo ships.
It’s still a trivial matter that the goods are detained, but once they are caught, they will never come back. I heard that many crew members were caught in Silla and used as coolies.
Mine suspicion is the most dangerous industry. Every day, it means pinning your head on your waist, not to mention Silla. Even the Tianqin mine disaster happens from time to time. The remuneration of Tianqin miners is relatively high, but it is different when you arrive in Silla. Now the two countries are nervous, so it is impossible to let you go back to China. Even if you are killed, the mine will not be in charge of you.
So they haven’t gone to Silla recently.
It’s near noon, and it’s not far from the coast. According to the boatman, they can enter the port at dusk.
Then, when things didn’t go as expected by Liu Xuan, a three-mast warship forced their cargo ship to stop.
In the case of Liu Xuan, their ships often happen. Many people have offended people in the Imperial City. Guys will choose this similar smuggling way to escape, and there will often be warships to search. But most of the time, they can spend some money to get by, and the boatman and others don’t care.
But the officers and men of this warship have never seen these guys holding a stick and a short knife in the front end of the weapon, and their armor is bright enough to check the water army.
It is clear that the boatman and others don’t know Liu Xuan, but this is exactly what he trained. The ware camp is to be continued.
22, array xing
Liuxuan hurriedly leaned against the edge of the ship and gradually merged with the hull.
This is a naval warship. Generally, this warship can carry five sailors, but it seems that this ship now has a ten-member team of fire guards, and he is a naval sailor.
The two ships gradually approached each other, stretched out hooks to draw them closer, and then the ten-member team jumped directly from the opposite side. First, the ship was searched carefully, and the boatman saw an officer who was similar to the leader and walked over to meet him, bowing and sending a small bag to the other side.
The other side looked at the boatman and weighed a small bag to make sure that no one waved his hand and would close the team. At this time, a sound came from the opposite boat to "wait for one" and a teenager appeared in the bow of the other side.
At the sight of this young man, Liu Xuan shook his heart for no reason. He is very familiar with this young man. He is the only one who recruited Batman from outside. Chen Xing didn’t expect that he was also sent to Yuntai, and Liu Xuan knew very well that Chen Xing’s eyesight was excellent. I don’t know if he saw himself before he hid himself just now.
Chen Xing didn’t ship. He glanced at the boat in the crowd and then looked at it. The old man asked, "I just saw a Tsing Yi gown on your boat. Where is it now?"
The boatman said blankly, "Where did you get the blue army? Is it because you are blind?"
"He’s stubborn …" A ware guard raised a ware gun at the wild, which was a butt.
Although these ware guards are nothing to the master, they don’t know how much stronger they are to the ordinary people. This gunstock went straight to the boss’s eyes, and he fell to his knees without losing momentum.
"How can you hit people?" Li Hang quit at once and was beaten, but all his father’s boatmen were waiting on the deck. As soon as he saw the ware guard, he rushed out immediately.