When Zhao Li returned to the queue, everyone was running around the playground. This is not a simple running. It requires high-speed and dynamic norms, and it is not allowed to stop until instructor Arnold gives the order.

When Zhao Li came out of the clinic, he couldn’t help but break out in a sweat. First, he was glad that he didn’t reveal the secret. Second, he got rid of the unpredictable amorous feelings of the female medical officer. Fortunately, he held back, otherwise he didn’t know how embarrassing things would happen inside.
Judging from the age, the female medical officer named Christine is a few years older than Zhao Li, but now people generally practice, and it is easy to make wrong judgments from the appearance, but it is certain that there are few people over 30 who speak in that charming tone.
I really don’t know if I am lucky or unlucky to meet such an inscrutable female military doctor. It is estimated that this is a rare opportunity in the eyes of others! It’s a pity that Zhao Li, who is not a mouse and close to beauty, still unswervingly chose the former.
"Hey, Zhao Li, what perfume is the beauty doctor?" Zhao Lizheng is lying down and going to have a rest, practicing Adams next to him, but he is not going to let him go. Even those guys around him are also booing. Today, everyone has seen Zhao Lizhe and Adams’ mouth beauty, which proved to be a very beautiful beauty. There are several of these people who were deliberately injured.
"I don’t know!" Zhao Li honestly replied, "I didn’t pay attention!"
"Can’t you? When you are in the same room with a beautiful woman for so long, you don’t have any other thoughts? " Adams leaned his head from his bed and looked at Zhao Li with disbelief. "Are you a man?"
"Cut!" An outstretched middle finger represents Zhao Li’s answer, and then he ignored these anthomaniac male condoms and shook his finger sleeves. Zhao Li practiced alone.
The vibration finger sleeve is specially designed to wake up the people in the exercise, but the vibration amplitude is not large enough to wake up the practitioner from the exercise state.
I don’t know if Christine’s female military doctor influenced me, but I felt a little bloody today before I practiced. This is not a good phenomenon. After practicing for nine weeks, I felt much better, and then Zhao Li completely fell into that meditation state.
"How was the record today?" Arnold instructor looked at those who don’t worry when they entered the state of uniting to meet the female military doctor in the clinic.
"The little one is very interesting, but the qualification is relatively ordinary. After practicing basic fitness for three years, there is still no such state of qi overflowing." Christine looked at her hand and recorded it with some regret.
"Normal, if the qualifications are excellent, I was admitted to a genius school a few years ago and will wait until now?" Arnold instructor didn’t feel surprised casually said 1.
But Christine frowned slightly when she heard the words genius school, and then quickly returned to normal. "Well, the idea is novel and worth cultivating and tracking. It’s not easy to keep up with it after seeing me twice." When I said this, I seemed to think of Zhao Liwu’s embarrassment and cried some smiles.
"Hey, he’s a good seedling. Don’t ruin him!" It is also very gratifying to know that Zhao Li can hold back in front of Christine and can’t help but wake Christine.
"I know you’re not worried," Christine glanced at instructor Arnold. "You’d better worry more about how to kick those unqualified people out. You can’t let them get injured in training!"
I don’t know if instructor Arnold deliberately queued up for a hell course called physical training after the training was completed.
Every day, even if you practice Julius, those guys are complaining one by one. As soon as you get to the dormitory, you just want to sleep, but you are forced to practice and allow your heart to sleep every six days.
After all, it was the army. Although many people saw the beautiful women, some people pretended to be injured during the training and had to enter the medical room, but they were finally punished, which made many people remember. Not only that, but even the onlookers felt the same way and did not dare to make any excessive moves.
However, the high pressure will rebound, and the army is no exception. What’s more, it is still a group of rookie who just entered the army and don’t know what test they will face.
It is difficult for this kind of high-intensity physical training to have any accidental injuries. Every day, people will enter the medical room for treatment.
I can’t help but say that although Christine looks like a vase, she is a good healer. Maybe her true qi belongs to the healing base. If it weren’t for her broken bones and serious injuries, she could have solved it in a few hours.
What’s more, it seems that the female military doctors are very friendly to them, smiling gently every time, and even if they are injured, they will have a desire to protect them, which also gives them a lot of whimsy.
Zhao Li is also among this group of exhausted people, and his situation may be even worse. He hasn’t studied the first-level achievement method for a long time. This kind of great physical exertion almost persisted, but Zhao Li also persisted with extraordinary perseverance
It’s not that Zhao Li’s physical strength can really catch up with his companions, but every time he takes a short break, Zhao Li will run a Zhou Tianjian gymnastics quickly.
Take a short break, that is, ten minutes at most, to change others’ roots, exercise one week, and half of the day’s work is interrupted. If there is no effect, it is better to relax your muscles when you strive for this.
After more than three years of continuous practice, the gains are that he can move, and a little out of shape will not affect the efficiency of his work. Others just sit by and don’t know that he has been working for a week.
It’s this short week that makes Zhao Li recover most of his physical strength, and it’s also necessary for Zhao Li to keep up with the times among many companions. Of course, after all, he hasn’t studied the first-class achievement method, which is to strive to maintain a very low-key image in training.
Some special things are that Zhao Li has never taken the initiative to go to the clinic because of pain, which makes instructor Arnold appreciate it very much.
Chapter 10 ()
But Zhao Li still has a place that everyone admires. Every day, Zhao Li is asked to go to the clinic to record the data of the day. Every day, facing the beautiful doctor Christine, this is something that many people can’t do by any means. It seems that they are in love with Zhao Li, which makes a bunch of perverts feel sad.
"How many weeks do you practice late?"
"Nine at a time, twice in total, sir!"
"What do you feel in physical training?"
"Very tired, sir!"
"How much exercise today?"
"Fifteen kilometers early to run rapidly …"
"Don’t you call me sir?" Every day, there are the same questions and answers, which are nothing new, but Christine is still very angry at the end of the question.
I have to meet the female military doctor every day, and I seem to have a little familiar feeling. Every day, there will always be a little ambiguity. I don’t know if the female military doctor is intentional or she is unconscious.
Anyway, every time Zhao Li tries hard to control himself so as not to make a fool of himself on the spot, but every time he is nervous, and every time he is nervous, Christine will always be presumptuous and charming, often laughing and shaking, and sometimes even leaning against Zhao Lishen.
Every moment like this is Zhao Li’s worst moment. She has never been in such close contact with a young woman. Zhao Li is always fooled by Christine.
"Sir, I …" Christine interrupted me as soon as I said this. "I said don’t call me sir."
"Then I …" Zhao Li wanted to ask herself what to call her, but the soft meat on her arm made Zhao Lishi a little embarrassed and couldn’t say anything.
"Call me Christine!" Beautiful eyes staring at Zhao Li like colchicine eyes make Zhao Li thirsty as if he had been hit.
"Christine, I …" Zhao Li swallowed and asked, "I’m practicing basic body building. Why don’t I check when the foundation is laid?" To tell the truth, Zhao Li has been worried about this. If he is found out his secret, he will be in trouble.
"The monitoring of practice speed can only be carried out in the first week and the second week of learning by relying on the sense of qi in the meridians." Christine seemed surprised that Zhao Li didn’t even know this common sense and gave him a brief blind scan.
Hearing this, Zhao Li’s heart was almost bursting with joy. It turned out that there was a first week and a second week to monitor. Isn’t it a drama that the first two years of high school laid the foundation stone? Of course, it must be because people are worried that they will make up such a lie.
That is to say, no one can know Zhao Li’s own practice unless Zhao Li tells him himself. Of course, there is a way to pass some physical quality standards, but this is already under Zhao Li’s control.
I was ecstatic and didn’t notice that Christine looked at him with a strange look, but Zhao Li soon reacted to hide his face and quickly asked a very sensitive question, "Has my practice style attracted attention?"
"For the time being, it’s me and instructor Arnold’s attention." Christine’s face is back to normal. If it’s normal, Christine won’t be too difficult for Zhao Li. "But your situation has been reported. I will be responsible for your data recorder before the specific instructions arrive."
It doesn’t seem to be a confidential matter, and no matter how confidential it is, it is impossible to keep it secret from the participants. "I suggest you don’t tell your comrades-in-arms or it will be very troublesome," Christine warned Zhao Li.
"I know" Zhao Lizao was mentally prepared. From the first day he was called to the clinic, he knew that it was not very strange, and Zhao Li never told his comrades that he explained that there might be something wrong with his body, which was not detected in the physical examination.
"I know you know!" Christine answered a puzzling sentence. Of course, Bai Zhaoli never said these things. It’s not that she didn’t do anything these days.
"I think the practice of basic body-building exercises is a little slow to produce true qi." Christine didn’t know for what reason she said this sentence. "If so, the progress may attract enough attention."
Zhao Li doesn’t know what Christine said. She can honestly listen to Christine’s beautiful body turning around the display screen, as if thinking, as if choosing, and finally making up her mind.
"I will help you practice properly, but you can’t tell anyone about it." Turn to Zhao Li again, and Christine’s face shows a serious expression. "That’s an order, okay?"
"Yes, sir!" Zhao Li doesn’t know what Christine is going to do, so she can answer mechanically.
There won’t be anyone in the clinic now, but Christine carefully closed the door and reached out to explore Zhao Li’s neck.
The smooth little hand immediately covered Zhao Li’s back with a soft feeling, but before he was in a good mood, he heard Christine’s voice behind him, "Don’t panic when the outside world comes in with qi. Just practice normally."